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Course Descriptions

MonTango Course Descriptions

Thematic courses spring/summer 2022

Cambios de Abrazo (May-June): Changes of embrace: Improve your close embrace and learn when and how to open and close it to execute different advanced movements. Prerequisite Tango 5 or more (or equivalent). With Andrea and Wolf. 

Intermediate Tango: Turns and combinations (July-August): Giros: variations, perfecting, musicality. Improve your mastery of one of the most important moves in tango. Prerequisite Tango 3 and up. With Andrea and Wolf. 

Advanced Tango: Axis-off axis (July-August): Play with the axis while working on volcadas, colgadas and more, in compact and ample versions. Prerequisite Tango 6 and up. With Andrea and Wolf. 

Thematic workshops with Sandra and Jorge (Saturday, June 18 and July 16, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.): A series of monthly advanced two-hour workshops in which you will work on technique and figures around a specific theme. Prerequisite Tango 5 and up (or equivalent).

Tango 1 (beginner 1)

Intro to the principles and basic techniques of Argentine tango. Walking, embrace and musicality plus: basic steps and positions, balanceos and ochos.

Tango 2 (beginner 2)

Principles and basic techniques II: cross system. Ochos, paradas and turns.

Tango 3 (intermediate 1)

Walking sequences, the 3 lanes, direction changes, ochos, giros (left and right turns).

Tango 4 (intermediate 2)

The third lane and new moves: calesita, alteration, barrida, gancho.

Tango 5 (intermediate 3)

Navigating and better managing space: circularity, direction changes, new positions (the diagonal and the "americana" position) and more turns.

Tango 6 (inter-advanced)

Dancing in close embrace: posture, technique and the best moves for dancing in small spaces.

Milonga 1: New rhythms and steps

(prerequisite: Tango 3)

An introduction to the steps and musicality of milonga.

Milonga 2

(prerequisite: Milonga 1 or equivalent)

A deeper exploration of the steps and musicality of milonga lisa (smooth) and an introduction to milonga traspie (double-time).

Vals 1: New rhythms and steps

(prerequisite: Tango 3)

An introduction to the musicality and energy of tango-waltz, using known figures as well as new ones especially well-suited to this musical style.

Vals 2

(prerequisite: Vals 1 or Tango 6)

A deeper exploration of the musicality and energy of tango-waltz, with a focus on interesting new, intricate sequences with specific rhythmic patterns.

Tango Drills

This was our most popular online course through the pandemic! Then we offered it in the park in summer 2020 and 2021 and now we've moved it inside our studio. In this fun, challenging and useful course you will improve your dancing by working on your technique, rhythm and agility. Didactic exercises are followed by sequences set to music. Each week we work on a specific theme, for example "ochos" or "adornos." For all levels, partners not required. With Andrea and Wolf.

Note that entrance to the Thursday night práctica is included with participation in the Drills class.

Choreographic workshops

Build a number for presentation. In this course, participants will learn and perfect a synchronized group choreography. You will learn new and interesting sequences while working on musical precision and the particularities of tango for performance. The process of working instensively on a choreography, perfecting and synchronizing precise and sometimes complex movements and sequences gives a huge boost to participants' skills and technique. Please note that regular attendance is required for this course.
Next offered in 2022.


with Andrea Shepherd

A yoga class that underlines the benefits of the different poses and exercises for tango … and for everyday life. You will improve your strength, flexibility, posture and balance. No experience in either yoga or tango is required. The use of props (blocks, blankets and straps) makes the postures available to everyone. Bring your mat.

Friday drop-in classes

Every Friday evening before our Connexion Tango milonga we offer a 45-minute drop-in lesson. The teachers will show and give feedback on a move, concept or sequence. The theme alternates monthly among tango, milonga and vals. It is recommended to come with a partner.

Private lessons

One-hour private lessons available for individuals or couples.

Struggling with your moves, stability or lead/follow skills? Frustrated with the pace of group classes? Private classes are the best way to improve your dancing, while working at your own rhythm. You can take private lessons with or without a partner, and they may be taken in place of or as a supplement to group classes. You can also use privates to build a choreography for presentation. Package deals available.