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Tango Etiquette

Dance Floor Etiquette

Tango Etiquette

  1. No teaching on the dance floor! Avoid teaching or correcting your partner. When something isn't working, try to improve your own technique. For leaders, dance to the level of your partner. Corrections are the job of teachers, and should be saved for class time.
  2. Less talk, more dancing! In general, just save the conversation for when the music stops.
  3. Keep an eye on the road! Leaders: follow the line of dance, look ahead of you in order to avoid collisions, and look before you back up. Followers: stay with your partner and avoid kicking up your feet unless you know there is room.
  4. Quality, not quantity! It's the connection that counts. Limit your large movements (ganchos, boleos, jumps, etc.), especially when the dance floor is full.
  5. No hit and runs! Accidents happen. Never mind whose fault it was; it's just good manners to say sorry and make sure the other person is OK.

Thank you for helping all your fellow dancers to enjoy their tango experience to the fullest!

Read our full guide to tango etiquette here. It's a great guide for beginners as well as a good reminder for more experienced dancers.