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Milongas & Prácticas

A milonga is a location or event where people dance tango socially. Dancing in the milongas is the goal of most tango dancers: This is the tango scene, the night life, where you get dressed up and go to mingle, socialize and, of course, dance. Dancers in a milonga are expected to be able to navigate the floor smoothly and to follow certain codes of conduct. (Read more here.) A crowded milonga full of expert tangueras and tangueros can be intimidating for new dancers.

A práctica (or practice) offers a more informal setting where dancers of any level can focus on practising their moves and improving their technique. Some prácticas, including ours, include teacher supervision. We suggest beginners start with the prácticas and move on to milongas after no less than 6-12 months of dancing.

*Connexion Tango membership: Membership with Connexion Tango gives you a discount on entrance to MonTango's Friday and Sunday milongas. Membership costs $30/year and includes one free entrance. We highly recommend purchasing a membership, which pays for itself if you attend just five milongas in the course of a year. (Note that current MonTango students pay the member price.)

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La Práctica Primeros Pasos

Thursdays 8-10 pm

*No práctica on Thursday, June 13.

We hold a practice every Thursday evening, specifically for students. Beginners and intermediate dancers are welcome! Come and practise your steps under the supervision of your teachers. Ask questions, review your moves and have fun! The teachers offer a mini-lesson (15 minutes or so) at 8:30 to give dancers something specific to work on.

$10 per person; $5 for MonTango students; free for our Tango 1 students

La Milonga Connexion Tango


9 pm-1 am

Drop-in class 

8-9 pm

Join us for our fun and friendly Friday night milonga! Enjoy our rotation of excellent DJs, our complete bar service and, especially, our room full of friends and dancers. It all starts with a 45-minute drop-in lesson.


$15 per person; $18 for non members
Class + milonga: $25 ($28 non-members)


La Milonga Café Domingo


2:30-6 pm

Café Domingo has been THE Sunday afternoon milonga in Montreal since 2008! It is known for its friendly, laid-back atmosphere and its varied musical selections. Have a coffee, chat with friends and dance the day away!


$15 per person; $18 for non members

The last Friday of each month:

On the last Friday of every month, the Milonga Alternativa celebrates the evolution of tango music while maintaining the spirit of a traditional tango night. We alternate tandas of traditional tangos, milongas and waltzes from the modern era – the 1950s until today – with a wide selection of "nuevo" and "alternative" tandas. Drop-in class (inter-advanced) before the evening.
8-9 pm: Drop-in class
9 pm-1 am: Milonga

For more details on specific events (special celebrations, themed nights etc.), sign up for our newsletter or follow us on Facebook.

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