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About our classes

We offer both group classes and private instruction. Most people begin with group classes, which is a great place to start. 

If you have never taken Argentine tango classes before, we recommend signing up for one of our free trial classes. Then you continue with our fundamental levels, Tango 1, 2 and 3. After that, we offer a variety of intermediate-level courses, organized by theme, such as "Turns and combinations," "Connexions" and "Introduction to close embrace." Once you are taking Intermediate classes you can also explore tango's other rhythms, Milonga and Vals. After you have taken a variety of Intermediate classes, your teachers might recommend you for Inter-Advanced level courses, also organized by themes, such as "Boleos and ganchos," "Axis-off axis," "Turns with sacadas" and others. 

You can always supplement your regular classes and further improve your dancing by taking technique classes, yoga for tango, special workshops and private lessons. And don't forget to practice! Our Thursday evening guided práctica is offered at a discount to MonTango students and is free for new beginners!

Find detailed descriptions of our courses and register below.

View or download our Summer schedule-at-a-glance here.

View or download our July-August schedule-at-a-glance here.

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